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Blogging With Octopress

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I’m happy to own a shiny new Octopress based blog now. It is as lean and simple, yet comfortable as it possibly can get: cms-free, git-based, markdown syntax, and with web-based editing comfort.

The articles below were both inspiring and essentially helpful for setting everything up:

Further am I now convinced that this is the utmost perfect and one and only acceptable solution you should ever build a blog with ;–)


The basic ingredients for such a beautiful blogging platform are:

  • git for version control
  • github pages for hosting
  • markdown for syntax
  • octopress for structure / template / plugins / workflow
  • travis-ci for automatically publishing changes
  • for online editing (optional)

Further Links and Documentation

Everything you need to know (documentation wise) for taming octo-blogs like these:


The workflow for creating and publishing posts is:

  1. clone repo and check out the source branch (never edit master directly!)
    • git clone
    • git checkout source
  2. create / edit the posts
    • rake new_post["some title"]
    • vi source/_posts/YYYY-MM-DD-some-title.markdown
  3. preview your changes
    • rake generate (first time only, or whenever layout or config changes)
    • rake preview & (or start /B rake preview on windows)
  4. deploy changes
    • git add . && git commit -m "add new blog post about foo"
    • git push origin source
    • wait a minute for travis-ci to regenerate and deploy the site

More details here.